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What Do You Do With Someone's Lifetime?

What do you do with the knowledge they gained and the memories they cherished?

What do you do with someone's lifetime that have touched your heart and the hearts of others? That gave more than they received?

Or held your hand when your heart was breaking?

What do you do with someone's lifetime that helped you stand strong when you no longer thought you could?

Someone that had the patience of Job, the faith of Abraham and the courage of David?

What do you do with someone's lifetime when you turn around and they are no longer there?

Here's what you do with someone's lifetime.....

You cherish them while they are here and hold them close to your your heart when they are not. You focus on the time when you will see them again be it tomorrow, next year or when our loving God rights all wrongs. When he undoes the heartbreaking damage that a tumultuous world has caused.

Such is my hope and the musings of my mind today....


Toby Keith Song Lyric's:

Under an old brass paperweight

Is my list of things to do today

Go to the bank and the hardware store

Put a new lock on the cellar door

I cross 'em off as I get 'em done but when the sun is set

There's still more than a few things left I haven't got to yet.


Go for a walk, say a little prayer

Take a deep breath of mountain air

Put on my glove and play some catch

It's time that I make time for that

Wade the shore and cast a line

Look up a long lost friend of mine

Sit on the porch and give my girl a kiss

Start living, that's the next thing on my list

[Verse 2]

Wouldn't change the course of fate

But cutting the grass just had to wait

'Cause I've got more important things

Like pushing my kid on the backyard swing

I won't break my back for a million bucks I cant take to my grave

So why put off for tomorrow what I could get done today....



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