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The Art of Wondering

Updated: Jan 22


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge points to all there is, imagination points to all there will be. – Albert Einstein 



 To “Wonder” Definition


verb (used without object)

  • to think or speculate curiously: to wonder about the origin of...

  • to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; to marvel


verb (used with object) 

  • to speculate curiously or be curious about; be curious to know:

  • to wonder what happened, to wonder what something means.



  • something strange and surprising; a cause of surprise, astonishment, or admiration

  • the emotion excited by what is strange and surprising; a feeling of surprised or puzzled interest, sometimes tinged with admiration; remarkable phenomenon


The Wondering technique is used by silencing the mind of everything except the one issue you are seeking the solution to or answer for. It is meditation with a purpose: to find a solution.


You will be focusing on an emotional issue, stressors or a problem that you want a solution for. You are directing your attention inward and using the part of the brain that sees in “pictures” – like day-dreaming.


We are looking for the “felt sense” of a problem while “watching” the brain come up with a solution. Once your brain begins the process and you are “seeing” with the mind’s eye, it is important that you stay with this felt sense and listen to what the mind is communicating and wants you to learn. DO NOT ANALYZE at this point – just watch the movie! The answer or lesson will be clear at the end.


We know ourselves better than any other human. Change is more than a verbal process or recognition of the area in need of change. Real and healthy change happens deep within our core and becomes permanent.


Sometimes identifying the problem and the solution is best done by imagery vs. talk therapy or even the Insightful Change Method. By using Wondering, we are looking for the “felt” sense and wondering what this might look like.


It is a way to achieve a profound and often permanent solution to a troubling issue. This isn’t to say that the “problem” will always go away. It could be that we simply change how we feel about the problem, which gives us a different perspective, so we respond differently to the event and can release chronic tension or hyper-focusing on an issue that may be out of our power to solve or change.


Then sometimes, we DO come up with a solution…it all depends on the issue.


It is best that this technique NOT be used with severe trauma as it could trigger levels of panic or anxiety, or “re-living” the situation. Clearing trauma is best served by the Insightful Change Method with a trained coach. For more information clink on link below.





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