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This War with Addiction

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

This Poem was written by a young man in early recovery.

His private war with addiction is laid out in his words.

Do you have a friend or relative that struggles with addiction?

If so perhaps this will give you some insight into their struggle.

The time has come to beat the war-drum

that will start the final battle.

To end the war that has long conquered inside

that vigorously quaked with an incredible rattle.

Love, compassion, and strength forced to subside,

as craving and numbness seemed all that was left...

...the spirit is put to the test.

Inside the cage where your demons will rage,

hostage is the heart when all life falls apart.

Fueling the fear that follows very near,

stalking you like a predator in the night...

...discouraging what is right.

To give in to addiction

is to swim in the river of shattered goals

that will carry you down to the sea of lost dreams.

Where order is chaos in continuing waves,

while the current of selfishness leads you out further,

you will lose yourself as your conscience screams...

...bloody murder.

Once the shore of sanity is out of sight

it will grasp you more with every fight.

When you wash up on the island of isolation,

trapped you will be with emotional starvation.

Sinful tears you will sow in the sand,

secrets will grow and you reap with your own hand.

Lies will branch out...

 ...bearing fruit of dishonesty.

Once you take a bite the guilt you will swallow,

digesting the shame that makes you hollow.

And now you keep eating with every regret,

the more you have the sicker you’ll get.

When the light of your spirit is eclipsed by the shadow,

sad you will be when your heart is shallow.

Your oxygen it will take and your blood it will drain;

what then will you say before you realize...

...addiction is pain

This true face of addiction is the way I see it.

Keeping itself hidden and follows you around like your own shadow.

The shadow of the addict,

this face of addiction some might agree

whether fiction or non that’s for you to see

Don’t be discouraged as recovery is slow.

Take God’s hand and He will hand you a rope.

He is forgiveness and the power of hope.

How can you fight an enemy that you cannot see?

Search your heart and find that recovery is key.

No hope is lost, but waiting to be found... this war with addiction.

Written by a young man early in recovery, 2013 - © All Rights Reserved



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