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Stand Tall

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

It's hard to explain - but sometimes I just "get in a mood". Things pop into my head from nowhere - or so it seems - and I have to stop and write them down before they go off into the recesses of my mind, to never return.

So this post is one of those times. I woke up with it and typed it out in one setting.

There is a lot of emotion associated with it. So here goes....



When I was two, mom went away

I called for her, but she didn’t hear

My Granny said she’d be there for me

As she wiped away every tear

I had to let my mommy go

But I didn’t understand why

I couldn’t make her love me

So I finally said goodbye

My Daddy left when I was five

And again when I was eight

Men came and took him away

And put him behind an iron gate

‘Mamaw’ and ‘Papaw’ took me in

Their love was soft and strong

She brushed my hair, made my clothes

And taught me right from wrong

I can’t remember a time in life

When I felt more secure

Mamaw and Papaw’s hearts were big

I’ll be here forever I’m sure

Dad came back when I was ten

And took us far away

Texas was no longer home

In California we now stay

Dad stood tall at six foot two

He was an anchor in my storm

New life, new friends, we now made

California became the norm

But time moves on

As loved ones come and go

Life didn’t change much

For about twenty years or so

The time came to calm the fears

Of a man struggling for air

Surely this is too much for me

This is a pain I cannot bear

He loved me when I defied his rules

And when I worried his heart

He loved me when I was close by

And even when far apart

I tightly held my Fathers hand

And prayed that he not die

But die he did, there in my arms

Yet again I said goodbye

Then five years later

My first love walked away

My God, I thought

Will ever I see the light of day?

In three years time, a child was born

He became the center of my world

Such joy in life I had never known

And a bright new day unfurled

Within three months I got the call

“There's been an accident”, they said

John, too, is now gone

And another love is dead

Time softens the blows of a chaotic world

For this mother and her son

I’m now the older generation

And a new cycle has begun

My son faced the pain

Of a Father that abandoned us both

Anger, sadness and finally peace

As he steps up and takes an oath

The cycle of life moves on

In a world that’s a challenge to all

Somehow we find the strength God offers

As he teaches us how to Stand Tall.

JeaSantino 09/25/2022

Photo by: Joe Plenio - Pixabay



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