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If I Had A Big Sister....

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

If I had a Big Sister.....

She would be older and wiser than I

She would have my back when riding bikes, catching frogs or chasing bees

If I had a Big Sister, she would braid my hair and tie my shoes

Iron my dress and sing the Blues

If I had a Big Sister, I know what I would do

I would have her back when riding bikes or climbing trees

Catching frogs or chasing bees...

Dedicated to Big Sis


There is so much more to this post than what is here. But suffice it to say for now - that she has truly been my advocate, nurse, chauffer, confident and so much more of late.

I Just had to take a few minutes to honor her tireless dedication love and compassion. I hope some day I can reach her status. Love you Sis......



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