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I Want to Travel Back in Time

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

I want to travel back in time when days were simple. When we played outside until we were called for dinner. It was always black eye peas, red beans and cornbread, with homemade ice cream for dessert. All the family would gather round for a good old fashioned prayer of thanks.

I want to travel back in time when life was simple and love abounded. To a time when the earth was a paradise and mankind can start over.

I want to travel back in time before mankind's enemy ruined our earth. Before hunger existed and hate abounded.

There is a loving God that notices every tear that falls, and every child that suffers. Soon he will raise his mighty hand and say enough. Enough!

The war will have been won and evil will no longer exist. Global Peace will be restored.

Then no more will I want to travel back in time.

This is my hope, and the musings of my mind....


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Tommie Rockie
Tommie Rockie
Oct 15, 2023

I think you are a good example of kindness. You have always shown this quality with me and I always appreciated you for that

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