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Part 3 of 3 - A Father Dies, A Mother Tries, A Young Son Lies

The Author of this series is Robert Cline. This series of 3 poems are based on his life.

Don't worry Mama, I'll be good

I'll always do the things I should.

With pride she gazed upon her son

And prayed that this, her youngest one

Would always stand, steadfast and true

knowing full well the thing to do.

But there were times she could not see

just which direction his step would be

Don't worry Mama, he would say

then on her knees again she'd pray.

But all her prayers were in vain

for all to soon it was plain

That her son was but an empty shell

and inside his soul a devil dwelled.

Although his intentions would be right

all to soon he'd lose sight

And step again upon that road

that made his life an atlas load.

"Don't worry Mama, I'll be okay"

and again they locked her son away.

She bowed her head, in shame she cried

for once again her son had lied.

The Fathers words have come to be

and all who knew can plainly see.

For though at times he surely tried

to a Mothers love, a son had lied.

The years have passed so sad and long

and still her youngest son is gone.

In the grip of death, she breaths a sigh

tears of sadness fill her eyes.

Yet through the tears she clearly sees

her youngest son upon his knees.

"Oh Son! Please pray! That's all He asks

and he will help you with your tasks."

A Mothers prayers falls on deaf ears

her youngest son he did not hear.

He grieved her death in silent wrath

and thought about his sordid past.

He vowed that he would strive to be

the kind of son she'd like to see.

And though he's free, and though he tries

I guess in truth her son still lies.

Composed May 16th, 1992



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