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"You are not replaceable!"

"He was always humble in victory and gracious in defeat, demonstrating kindness to his opponents and epitomizing good sportsmanship. This held even outside of the dojo and jiu-jitsu world, and Kai defended the weak or bullied in school and those who could not defend themselves. If he saw someone eating alone at school he would invite them to come to join him and always made new friends. In this light, his family wants to continue his legacy of good deeds."

"The focus of Kimonos for Kai are the simple phrases, “You are not replaceable,” and “There is always someone to talk to.” (#youarenotreplaceable, #thereisalwayssomeonetotalkto).

"The goal is to get the word out to young kids and teens that there is always someone they can talk to who will help them out with whatever problems they might be facing. If they don’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about the problem they are facing, there is always their sensei, a coach, teacher, or other adults."

"Taking your life is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You are not replaceable."


The above is from the Kimonos for Kai website. They are a nonprofit 501C3 corporation. Kai's family is focused on suicide prevention, a much needed service in a world filled with intense pressure and stress on all of us! However our children are the most vulnerable and will often internalize the pressure and hold in their emotions to their detriment.

My/our family, has lost four loved ones to suicide. It is heartbreaking and devastating to the surviving family members. Kai's father, James Wright has dedicated his life to the memory of his son Kai and to helping others get the help they need before it's too late.

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