The Smith Mountain Boys

As I was meandering my way through SPROUTS in Escondido the other day, I ran into this guy.... Actually, it might be the other way around..... Anyway...

We struck up a conversation about life in general and I learned that he is a performer in the Palomar Mountain area. I was the chatty one and I think he learned more about me than I did of him. However, at the end of the brief conversation he gifted me a CD of his songs. I listened to it on my way home and I can honestly say that this CD is my kind of music!

Bruce Druliner is part of a duo with Dutch Bergman. Two talented guitarists that play the classic songs such as:

  • Five O'Clock World - 1966

  • Pretty Woman - 1964

  • City of New Orleans - 1972

  • My Maria - 1973

  • All I have to Do is Dream - 1958

  • and more...

The duo has been successfully playing in the backcountry of Palomar, Julian and Borrego Springs. Steve Barry joined Dutch and Bruce as the sound guy for The Smith Mountain Boys and they are forever thankful for his sound expertise! Dutch’s wife, Denise Bergman, manages the duo and does her best to keep them booked as much as possible!

In 2020, after encouragement from family, friends, and fans, The Smith Mountain Boys recorded, mixed, and produced their first album, Cover Stories. From start to finish the making of the album was a labor of love but also fruitful learning experience. With the help of their good friend, engineer and producer, Chris Camp of Camp Music Studios and a lot of hard work, the finished Cover Stories CD arrived in March 2021.

The Smith Mountain Boys play 4-5 gigs a month. They play venues in the Palomar Mountain backcountry and Borrego Springs. They also do private parties, weddings, etc.

Their home base is Palomar Mountain. If you are local to San Diego County and are planning a gathering, consider this Duo for your live entertainment. I don't think you will be disappointed!

Their CD can be purchased on the website: Smith Mountain Boys

For bookings, or current venues contact - Denise Bergman

Email =

Phone = 949-521-1199


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