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"The only thing that never changes...

Is that everything changes."

The above quote is by Louis L' Amour. As soon as I read it, my brain started to spin.

One day you're holding your daddy's hand as you're learning to walk. Then all too soon you are holding your Daddy's hand as he breathes his last breath.

And everything changes.

Or you walk down the aisle to say "I do", then one day you wake up to find out he decided he didn't.

And everything changes.

We learn to be tough in a world that spins us around. You pick up your heart, a new love is found, a new life is born.

And everything changes.

Our lives intertwine with family and friends, the duties of parenthood, work, and giving back. One day we are wondering what lies ahead, and decide instead to stay in the moment and appreciate the life we have with it's gifts and challenges. It's hopes and promises of better times to come.

We focus on a loving God that hasn't forgotten mankind and has given His word that he will right all wrongs, restore lost loved ones, put an end to wars and fulfill His promise of peace.

At that moment it will be clear to us that the only thing that never changes, is that everything changes.

Such are the musings of my mind today. Thank you for being part of my world.



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