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The Hotel McCoy in Tucson Arizona

Updated: May 17, 2022

"True travelers are the ones who seek out culture, the people who visit a place not to leave their own footprint but to feel the heartbeat of their destination. These urban explorers want to dine with the locals, drink beer brewed in the city they visit, and take in the sites that are a bit off the traditional tourist’s path. Hotel McCoy travelers come from all over the world, all stages of life. Business travelers, family travelers, first-time travelers, seasoned travels. All are welcome here." - Hotel McCoy


Big Sis and I recently went to Tucson, Arizona for a family funeral. She did some research ahead of time, for a place to stay the night, and discovered this quaint little hotel and booked us a room.

We felt like we had traveled back in time to simpler days. It was quiet, peaceful and nostalgic. The staff were accommodating and a pleasurer to deal with. The décor inside and out was authentic and we felt at home.

Just traveling to Arizona and seeing family again took our thoughts back to a time when we had so many more family members at our reunions. To a different era. A time when life itself seemed more peaceful and warm. Back then there seemed to be more time to pause and appreciate life and the people in it. A time when we were surrounded by family, most of whom are no longer with us.

So this quaint little place in Tucson - The Hotel McCoy - brought an odd sort of peace and comfort to our stay. We would liked to have had more time to relax and enjoy the saltwater pool a little more; but it was the right place at the right time.

If you are on a road trip that takes you through Tucson Arizona and need a peaceful place to rest, I recommend you check into the Hotel McCoy.


The Hotel McCoy (click on link for their website)



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