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Simple Things - By J.C. Cline

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

This is one of my favorite writings pinned by my Father while he was in the Texas State Penitentiary in the early 1960's. It's one of my favorites because it is so descriptive of who he was as a person.

We lost him to a hideous type of cancer in 1980. That's another post in it's own right. To this day I have never met a man that I respect on the level that I did my Father.

I hope you enjoy it.....

Simple Things

The simple things in life sometimes, can mean so very much.

A name to speak, a face to see, or a tiny hand to touch.

Your spirit lifts it seems to me, when a loved one does drop in,

To chat a while and let you know, they thought of you again.

Or perhaps a pat upon the back, a handshake from a friend,

The neighbor hollers from next door: "When will this dry spell end?"

The grocer waves a friendly hand, or the man who fixed your car,

And each one asks about the kids, and wonders how they are.

The man you met the other night, while bowling that last line,

Comes up to you and says "Hello", and says he's doing fine.

And while he talks to you in haste, concerning that last game,

You carry on a frantic search, to come up with his name.

Then just as he pulls out of sight, you want to soak your head,

For suddenly it comes to you, his name was simply Ned.

The little lad from down the street, comes in to sit a spell,

To let you know he's doing fine, and all the folks as well.

He talks about the pet he got, you would think it was a bear,

When really all the truth is known, he has one baby hare.

Or the little girl with chubby legs, who always turns to wave,

For when her kitty died that day, you dug for it a grave.

And called her to your side to try, the flow of tears to stop,

You took her to the local store, and bought a soda pop.

Or when you see the garden, is surely full of weeds,

You promise that tomorrow, you will take care of its needs.

Or maybe it is just the phone, and as you say "Hello",

You think I'm really glad you called, and yes I'd love to go.

Then perhaps you stop for gas, and buy a candy bar,

The attendant gives a sincere smile, and asks you how you are.

Or the girl down at the restaurant, says "You'd better speak to me",

For your mind had strayed a long way off, and her you did not see.

Yes, there are a million things, that happen every day,

That though we may not notice them, they brighten up our way.

And when we leave them all behind, to spend our time alone,

We wouldn't take a million bucks, for the simple things at home.

Yup! A dyed-in- the-wool true Texan!

One of my favorite photo's of our Father.

This was his first trip to California and he

just had to go to the beach!

As you can see, he came prepared!

I miss you Dad......



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