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One "Tough Cookie" with a Big Heart

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Webster's Definition of: tough cookie : a person who is physically and emotionally strong

The Free Dictionary by Farlex

: A strong, determined person who is not easily intimidated, discouraged, or defeated.

Let me introduce you to Arnita Moore AKA Nita Beee

From 2011 to 2013 I was a SART* Volunteer with the Women's Resource Center in Oceanside, CA. In 2012 the supervisor over the SART volunteers changed and this vivacious, caring, dedicated, competent woman took over. Her name was Arnita Moore and was my new supervisor.

The definition above aptly describes NIta Beee. One of her passions in life is to help abused women and children. Nita is no stranger to domestic violence herself. She is a survivor of her early years that were "brutal" as she describes it. Sexually assaulted as a teenager with no support at home, she ran away and ended up marrying a man who abused her for 25 years.

Once she found the courage to break free, she was homeless and lived in her car. She met another abusive man and another after that. However, things began to change when she started working at a women’s shelter. She found her strength in supporting change in other victims of domestic violence.

One day she came across a "Client Care Technician" position at a mental health facility for women who are victims of domestic violence. The career advisor created a resume tailored for the job and a cover letter. Arnita submitted her application and within 28 minutes, the hiring manager called her to schedule an interview.

She got the job! And the rest is history. “I thrive to be better and to motivate myself and others through the hard times not looking back and if I do look back, it will be to see how far God has brought me....“Through therapy and meeting motivational, positive women I am pushing through!”

Ms. Nita Bee still works every other weekend at a women’s homeless shelter. Her passion for people and growth has been the reason for her show called, “Talks With Nita Beee.”

* SART = Sexual Assault Response Team

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