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Natural Shampoo Bars - My New Love

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Last time I counted I had a total of twelve - yes 12! - bottles of shampoos and conditioners in my shower and several more - partially used ones - under my sink.

My husband has One!


As some of you are aware I am loosely a "Curly-Girl" - whose hair has a mind of it's own. Sometimes, during days of high humidity, I will have more behaved curls. On the dryer days with low humidity it's a bit of a "messy-wild-wavy-did you just get out of bed?" - look! Or the "don't you own a brush?" - look!

Oddly enough my hair was always straight growing up and would barely hold a curl for more than a couple of hours. However, our texture can change when we have a hormone shift such as in pregnancy or menopause. Each of those events can cause straight hair to become curly.

So to justify the above count - that is why I have tried so many different shampoos and conditioners. Its a desperate attempt to find one that my hair actually likes.

I think my friends and family have accepted that the messy curls are here to stay and they just accept it without suggesting I go see a stylist. But lets be honest - I haven't found a regular stylist that can get this mop to behave appropriately, so they just blow it dry straight which is actually stressful to natural curly hair. There are stylist that specialize in curly hair, but I would have to sell my first-born child to pay the bill.

Blow drying and hot irons are damaging and confusing to curly hair so it is a rare occasion for me to blow dry or use a hot iron. As a result, I am generally in search of products that encourage my rebellious curls to form, with products that are actually good for my hair in the process. I prefer not to use toxic chemicals on my hair and or scalp.

Then I found these two companies that make these deliciously rich shampoo and conditioner bars with multiple choices on ingredients and scents.

What I really really love is that there is ZERO waste with these companies! I highly suggest you give them a try and help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills and ocean while treating yourself and your hair at the same time!

The three main companies to check out are:



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