My Son - by J.C. Cline - June 13, 1962

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Written while serving time in the Huntsville Texas Penitentiary at age 37

My heart within my chest does throb, God has been good to me.

He gave me body straight and tall with limbs strong like a tree.

He placed within my dreams the things to which I might attain.

Though it be fame throughout the world, or just a mortal plane.

In youth and health I come and go to ‘er my hearts content.

Alas, I find my health does eb and so my youth is spent.

Where once my dreams inside of me, soared wild and free and high,

I hold but cherished memories while on death's bed I lie.

Hear now to God I won’t complain, nor do him I beseech.

For once the wildest fondest dreams were there within my reach.

But for you son, who follow me, to God I bow to pray.

That he in wisdom lead you on, and clearly mark the way.

So that when you in time to come, stand waiting at death's door;

May gaze your past and think... I could not accomplish more.

Now search your soul look out ahead, what do you wish to be?

Look up to God and ask his help, lest you end up like me.

Set you a goal and strive for it, with work in zeal and zest.

Press on and fight with all your force give not your body rest.

In time to come, when looking back, the way your life was spent.

You’ll thank me then for all these words, for you will be quite content.

So if my words do stir you up to works of contribution;

In mercy God may let you be, to me, a retribution;

And pardon me for things undone in my life lived in haste;

And let me share Your joys that mine, be not a total waste. - © All Rights Reserved

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