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Updated: Mar 30

This is one way that I de-stress. Which means that I hope that I will have a constant supply for you to choose from. In addition to the Rustic Air Plant holder's, I also have what I call "Table Sticks". These are really unique pieces of wood that survived the fire with some character to them.

The wood is from the San Marcos 2014 Fire that has been repurposed for something other than a bonfire.

Air plants are easy to care for. They don't like a lot of water, but they need some. A light misting on hot dry days is needed. If there is a lot of moisture in the air they will pull what they need from the air. Submerging them once a week in water is also important. With the wood holders you can rinse the wood well to remove dust and the moisture retained in the wood will serve as moisture for the plants for a few days without over watering them.

Below are a few samples. Each one is rustically unique. No two are the same. For photo's of what is currently in stock please email me @

The following are Samples Only

This first one was a piece of a tree stump that had been cut down from when it burned in the 2014 San Marcos Fire. I noticed it on my morning walk and the owner just happened to be outside at the same time. So after a short conversation he let me have it to "dress it up" a little then return it.

Examples of Table Sticks - They bring warmth and beauty into a room. The below are not for sale. They are examples only. I have others that are available.

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