MOM - Written in 1947

The following is a poem written by Segard aka "Chick" Cline

to his Mother

Ol' dilapidated farmhouse,

out there on the slope alone.

It sure ain't much to look at,

but to me it's home sweet home.

There's a silver headed angel,

who will meet me at the door.

And she will laugh and cry with gladness,

I've seen her do that way before.

When I leave she cries from sadness,

when I come home she cries for joy.

The greatest treasure I possess,

is mother's love for me; her boy.

So may I ask a simple prayer,

to my Master up above?

To always keep me worthy,

of my mother's precious love.

* In photo: Chick - Tall guy on the left with J.C. "Bill" his little brother.

Chick stood a tall 6'8" - Photo taken in January 1938

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