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MOM - Written in 1947

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Segard aka "Chick" Cline -

To his Mother Etta May Cline

Ol' dilapidated farmhouse,

out there on the slope alone.

It sure ain't much to look at,

but to me it's home sweet home.

There's a silver headed angel,

who will meet me at the door.

And she will laugh and cry with gladness,

I've seen her do that way before.

When I leave she cries from sadness,

when I come home she cries for joy.

The greatest treasure I possess,

is mother's love for me; her boy.

So may I ask a simple prayer,

to my Master up above?

To always keep me worthy,

of my mother's precious love.

* In photo: Chick - Tall guy on the left with J.C. "Bill" his little brother.

Chick stood a tall 6'8" - Photo taken in January 1938



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