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Local CERT Training in Your Community

Regardless of where you live, please consider getting trained to participate in the Community Emergency Response Team - aka CERT.

CERT training programs are National. So, Yes, there are local places to YOU where you can take a certification training course at no charge to the participant. It teaches us to be better prepared for hazards and disasters that may affect our family and our community.

CERT members are trained volunteers to assist our neighbors and community during emergencies when our professional responders may not be immediately available due to the magnitude of an event.

There are CERT Teams in Kentucky and you can bet that they are out in force to help their community during this devastating event.

EVEN IF we are a trained CERT volunteer - we must FIRST make sure our home and family is safe!

Next, we can check on our immediate neighbors to see if anyone needs assistance. The Emergency Professionals may be overwhelmed, depending on the size of the event; such as an earthquake, large fires or tornados. It is up to the Emergency Professionals to activate the CERT volunteers (if need be) to assist in areas other than their on neighborhoods.

The more we have in our community that are CERT trained, then our community is safer, better prepared and more resilient when incidents do occur.

"Individual preparedness, planning, survival skills, and mutual aid within neighborhoods and worksites during this initial period are essential measures in managing the aftermath of a disaster. What you do today will have a critical impact on the quality of your survival and your ability to help others safely and effectively. You will be more resilient to a potentially disruptive event by learning about the likely hazards in your community and your community's plans and protocols; understanding hazard-specific protective actions and response skills; assembling important emergency supplies and mitigating potential hazards in your home. Subsequently, you will be an important asset to our family, neighbors, and other members of your community." (CERT Basic Training Manual)

Therefore, if you are in the San Marcos, CA area, please contact the Scott Wachtler below, and ask to be put on the list for the next training. Involve your family, friends and co-workers.

If you are not local to San Marcos, then call any Local Firehouse and inquire about the available CERT training in your area.

Help our Emergency Personnel to help Us!


Scott Wachtler He has an interest list started

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