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I Like Hugs....

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

A hug can make you feel so good

and treat your neighbor as you should

A hug can say more than you can tell

Let's everyone know you wish them well

A hug can mean I am so happy you're here

to me you are so very dear

A hug can help my pain go away

won't you please bring me one every day

A hug is such a wonderful start

to build good friendships from the heart

So don't be bashful don' be shy

a good hug works great give it a try

A hug for someone when they're sad

will make them better they won't be mad

A hug for someone this very day

do it quick before the chance slips away

A hug for your father a hug for your mother

one for your sister and one for your brother

Written by my late Uncle, Kenneth Cline



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