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About the Author

In November of 2012 a marketing associate suggested I start a BLOG. My initial thought was..."I don't have time to write a blog!

Then...the pandemic came along. Work slowed down for a while. One thing led to another and...."Yada-Yada-Yada" here I am - Blogging!

As it turns out – I actually enjoy it. It serves as a way to express my thoughts on life...

I also do it for any readers that need something positive to ponder that is not as stressful as the nightly news! Hopefully that describes You, the reader.

Then there is my Uncle Bob’s book that I wanted to finish up and get published titled "My Journey to Huntsville". His book came about when we were working together to overcome his traumatic past. One suggestion I offered for his healing was to write; and write he did!! Turned out, he was pretty good at it; and it helped him let go of a lot of pent up emotion left over from his prison days. His book is now available on AMAZON. You will enjoy it - It's quite a journey!

We all have the same 24-hrs in the day and I have come to the conclusion that writing what is on my mind, whether anyone reads it or not, seems to be morphing into an opportunity for growth as well as a calming experience as I get to express myself without interruption.

Maybe it will be a legacy that I leave behind for my family and friends. Maybe something that I say will motivate someone else to take some much needed steps forward in healing their lives, think differently about life, or use this BLOG as an entertaining way to relax.

Anyway, who knows….maybe some day my site will become interesting enough to be shared to a larger audience. So, if you find some interesting posts here please let me know by sending me an email. And if you find a typo that I missed, feel free to email me that too!

A little bit about the Author of this BLOG:

I'm a Texas born - California raised Gal that gets the urge to share the thoughts in my head once-in-awhile. The posts are very random - as is my brain. There is no one "theme" and it will always be Ad-Free. I try not to post too often and overwhelm my readers. Therefore when you subscribe, your inbox won't be overloaded. If you would like to comment, please send me an email with your thoughts.

If you own a business and would like to hire someone to do your writing for you, contact me and lets see if we are a good fit!

Thanks for stopping by!


Okay, True confession here! The altered photo was done by It turns the clock back a few years, but it's pretty cool! Well, it kinda-sorta looks like me. If I ever reach perfection, maybe that's how I will look.....

Have fun and give it a try on some of your own photo's!



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