I Don't Have Time for a BLOG

Back in November 2012 a marketing-guy-friend suggested I start a BLOG. My knee jerk response? "I don't have time to write a blog! And I don't read blogs because I also don't have the time to read blogs either!!" He politely backed off...then casually mentioned it again a month later. This time I simply rolled my eyes and gave him the "look".

It came up again at a Professional Networking breakfast meeting one day. And again, I'm wondering how these people have time to blog, run a business, spend time with family, do house and yard work, care for pets, grocery shop, give time to their spiritual and emotional health….blah….blah…AND find time to write a blog that may or may not get read by others!!

I'm thinking to myself that it's either a full time job for them; a hobby because they don't have a full time job; or they are just not that busy, period. Sounds a little judgmental doesn’t it? Ouch...

However, in my defense, I do have other priorities over blogging. Then...the pandemic came along. Work slowed down for a while. I closed my physical office and starting working with clients on ZOOM and the phone, and, well...."Yada-Yada-Yada" here I am - Blogging.

Now, I have all the patience in the world for people, but zilch for technology. Thankfully I found Wix - Pretty much all I had to do was start writing. I'm not a professional writer, but I did write a few articles for a small town newspaper some years back, so why not – I’ll give it a shot.

Turns out – I actually enjoy it. For CreateBalance it serves as an outlet for me to speak my mind on health issues and a way for my clients to get an idea of how my mind works - or doesn't....(insert eye roll)....

Then there is my Uncle Bob’s book that I am also finishing up during this time. How this came about is in the blog article titled "From Rage to Redemption". His book came about when we were working together to overcome his past. One suggestion for his healing was to write; and write he did!! Turned out, he was pretty good at it; and it helped him work through a lot of pent up emotion. Stay tuned. His book will be available soon...

I still don’t have a lot of “extra” time to devote to writing. My family, clients and spiritual pursuits still take priority. But we all have the same 24-hrs in the day and I have come to the conclusion that it won’t hurt me to take an hour or two each day to focus on this aspect of my business life which seems to be morphing into some wonderful opportunities for growth.

Maybe it will be a legacy that I leave behind for my family and friends. Maybe something that I say will motivate someone else to take some much needed steps forward in healing their lives.

And who knows….maybe some day my site will become “professional” and I can retire.

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