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From Rage to Redemption Revised

UPDTE: The new title is: My Journey to Huntsville. It will be available in both paperback and Kindle as of May 09, 2021

This book was written by Robert C. Cline and edited by yours truly, his niece, Me :)

It was quite a journey working with my Uncle as he faced and released the trauma of his past. As we worked through things in sessions I was honored to witness the pain and heartache that he worked through and eventually made peace with. Part of the therapy I would have him do was to write about these events as they came to mind. Writing can help us to put things in perspective as we reflect on both the negative and the positive of the experiences that we wish to release. This book was pulled together from some of his writings.

Lon Bennett Glenn, retired Warden and author of the book The Largest Hotel Chain in Texas, had this to say:

"If you're looking for a cell-block-eye view of what it was like to serve time in a Texas prison during the late fifties through the sixties, From Rage to Redemption is the book you'll want to read. Mr. Cline has some good stories to tell and he doesn't sugarcoat any of them. By the end of the book the reader will have a realistic sense of what the term "Hard time" really meant."

Tarra Judson-Starrill, MFT had this to say: "A courageous and touching account of the unwavering resilience of human nature. Robert takes the reader through his gripping journey and back to what was meaningful to him; ultimately accepting the love of family and the peace of forgiveness."

The experiences in the book are Uncle Bob's experiences in and out of prison. You will go on quite a journey with him; during which, you will experience a range of emotions. My Father and Uncle spent two years in Huntsville while Uncle Bob was there. So this story is personal to me beyond my Uncle Bob. Big Sis and I remember those days without our Dad. He had been out of prison for 18 years when died in 1980. During that time he had earned the respect of all that knew him.

For more information on the book go to the "My Journey to Huntsville" page on this Blog.

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