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A Healthy Cup of "Joe"....

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Another name I use for this formula is - "Wannabe-Coffee" - because,'s more than just coffee. So if you are a hard-core-strong-coffee-ONLY- fan, the following may make you cringe.

On a frequent basis I experiment with my morning cup of coffee. Since I am ultra sensitive to caffeine I have to modify my "Cup of Joe" or "Java".

(To learn the origin of those labels click here )

Many of us are sensitive to caffeine. So after experimenting with decaffeinated coffee I think I have finally come up with a solution. It's coffee that is flavorful - easy on the caffeine, and somewhat healthy so I don't feel as though I'm cheating when I drink it. It is even safe enough for me to have a cup in the evening without the caffeine interfering with sleep. (If you are caffeine sensitive try this earlier in the day)

Coffee can benefit us or be a detriment based on the kind and how we drink it. So here is my criteria....

  1. Must be organic!

  2. Whole beans so I can grind it fresh myself

  3. Decaffeinated

A six-ounce cup of coffee typically contains approximately 50 to 75 milligrams of caffeine

For people who are sensitive to caffeine, even 10 milligrams can cause discomfort. That is why nearly all decaffeinated coffees contain less than 10 milligrams of caffeine (typically two to five milligrams) per serving. (see link below)

So here is the process that works for me...

1. Purchase an Organic brand of decaffeinated whole coffee beans

2. Store them in the Freezer to keep them fresh until use.

3. Use a coffee grinder or Bullet blender grinding blade to grind enough for a weeks worth of coffee.

4. Once ground, store in air tight container in freezer or fridge to keep the oil from going rancid.

I always use a filter. I tried coffee made with using the wire filter that comes with the coffee maker - no paper - and it was too bitter for me. The coffee filter takes some of the bitterness of the coffee out and reduces the sentiment that remains with the wire filters. Filtering the coffee grounds makes a "smoother" coffee.

Below is my pretty standard morning cup of "coffee" that is low in caffeine but not short on flavor. My single coffee maker makes 12-ozs of coffee max. To the brewed coffee I add the following...,

- Organic Decaf Coffee - 1 TB in coffee filter (or less)

- Organic Teeccino Chocolate - 1 TB in coffee filter (or less)

- 10-oz to 12-oz of water (adjust to taste)

Suggestion - If you use this blend you can mix the entire bag of Teeccino to an equal amount of the ground coffee. Mix thoroughly and store in the refrigerator. (If you haven't heard of Teeccino it's roasted chicory that is caffeine free. There are a variety of flavors.)

- A non-dairy creamer such as Coconut or Almond (preferably organic). The amount will depend on your preferred taste. I like mine "creamy" and if you like foam on top just use a foam blender.

- A tablespoon of collagen powder (no flavor) (see options below)

Since it is low in caffeine, it's okay to have a cup with some added chocolate to taste or a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream for an after dinner treat.

If you decide to give this a try - feel free to email me what you think; good, bad or indifferent.,beans%20are%20washed%20with%20water.

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