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A Father Dies - A Mother Tries

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The following is based on a true story

A father told a Mother

as he lay dying on his bed

his voice a mere whisper

you could scarcely hear a word he said

I worry about our youngest

he's so young and full of life

I fear that he is destined

to know heartache, pain and strife

So watch him closely Mother

guide him all you can

he'll need all the help he can get

on his journey to become a man

In silence the Mother stood there

tears of sadness on her cheeks

as she watched her husband slip away

his voice now ever so weak

His family gathered 'round him

to whisper their good-bye's

his body grew limp and lifeless

the glow of life had left his eyes

Then, just before he left them

to whatever lay ahead

he whispered: my youngest is so little

and then my Dad was dead

And so, she did as he had asked

she took upon herself the tasks

of raising this her youngest son

and two more, all three as one

She strived to teach them wrong from right

at night she prayed with all her might

it seemed as though, at least with one

he smaller one, her youngest son

He, it seemed, he would not be taught

and all her teachings came to naught

on his own he tried to stand

in his struggle to become a man

And when at last his manhood gained

he stood alone, in ball and chains

then in his mind his thoughts raced back

to a father lying on his back

To the things his dad had said back then

by twenty-one he'll be in the pen

now all alone in his cold, dark cell

his mind remembers, all too well

All the things his mom had said

now all too soon his mother was dead

He bows his head, and cried and cried

he knew full well his mother tried.

May 15, 1992 - by Robert C. Cline

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