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A Difficult Journey

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The Journey

I was lost when you walked out the door

I cried for you each day a little more.

No one hears, no one calls,

No one sees because I’m so small.

Monsters come and go as I hide

But in my heart you’re by my side.

The days go by, then months and years

But you are gone and can’t see my fears.

Alone I stand as I walk this earth

I wish you were here to know my worth.

I get up when life beats me down

Still, life is hard without you around.

As time goes on my strength renews

I realize its time to change my views.

I’m a grain of sand on life’s beach

Surrounded by others within my reach.

I know your pain, your wounds I see.

You’re really not so different from me.

I know your heart, I have your genes.

I’ve read your stories, I know your dreams.

The time will come when I see you again,

And then a whole new journey will begin.


Dedicated to my Father that Died July 25, 1980

Written October 2021 – Guess I was feeling a little lonely



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