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A Cowboy's Dream - by Joel Reese

Updated: May 20, 2022

Hey Y'all - This post is a little different. It is about a young singer I met....oh.... 30+ years ago. Joel and I knew each other back before the silver streaks began to lighten up our hair.

I guess life in Southern California became just a bit too crowded for this country boy and his family. Therefore, Joel recently packed up his wife and kids and moved to the State of Utah. Can't say as I blame him. If the opportunity presented itself, I, too, would seek out a quieter place to live. Anyway, enough daydreaming....Back to reality...

Check out this photo of, the oh so young Joel, with George Straight.

Joel is a guitar picker and songwriter that loves to entertain others. I recently came across this song he wrote about his Uncle and good friend, Slim Hart.

Of all Joel's songs, I've gotta say...this is my favorite. Hence the share. I hope you enjoy it.

You can connect with Joel on his Instagram page here



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